Joe Letz - LIVE DRUMMING DVD - shot from stage

Image of Joe Letz - LIVE DRUMMING DVD - shot from stage


This is footage that was shot from a stationary camera, set to the side of Joe on stage during each show listed here. These were previously only offered as part of the Tour Packages but its now been decided to offer these in unlimited quantities at a more affordable price than the complete tour packages.

**Please note that most of these videos are NOT the complete show, but rather MOST of the show. The shows are always hectic and sometimes the camera is not turned on in the very beginning, and other times it is and it shuts off before the end. Often times Joe's drum tech will notice and restart the camera but alas it is normal for at least a couple of songs to be missing from the DVD. these videos are normally anywhere from 90% - 100% of the show.

if you do not see a show that you want to purchase the video for in the list, then that means that there was not enough footage to warrant the asking price for the footage.

***** check back for upcoming shows as this list will always be updated when new shows begin happening, and possibly before they happen.